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​Kai Oni is now accepting new and returning paddlers from 11-70YRS of AGE





Joe Kalama

Want to support, but don't want to paddle?

We are always looking to enrich the experiences of our paddlers. We need all kinds of help. Like maintaining this website, coordinating potlucks,  admin support for our coaches, fundraising and so much more. There is always a way to put your talents to use!

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We envision a thirving set of programs engaging youth and adults in our community and we can always use your help! 


Help us realize our goals by making a tax deductible donation today!


Kai Oni Canoe & Athletic Club, Inc.

is a 501c3 organization. 

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2023 will not be the same without this Incredible Hawaiian, Joseph Kanai "Stuboy" Kalama. This year of Kai Oni Paddling is dedicated to this man. We give our deepest aloha and respect to the Governor of Kailua Beach and his Ohana. Even though he isn't with us, he is surely felt at the Halau and Kailua Bay. We Love You Uncle Stu!


Perpetuating Hawaiian Canoe Paddling For Our Future

Kai Oni Canoe & Athletic club was formed in 1952 by Joseph "Stew" Kalama and Max Kamaiopili and interested youth from Kailua, Oahu. In those days paddling was the primary activity but the club also participated in baseball, basketball, volleyball and various community events. Over the years, interest has focused solely on canoe paddling but plans are in the works to expand our programming once again.


Our competitive canoe racing program runs from June through August and we compete in the Oahu Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association as well as the state level Hawaiian Canoe Racing Association. To learn more about our long history please visit the About Us page!


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